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Emergency Exams


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Emergency Exams

If you ever experience a dental emergency, we can help. And the first step to treating any dental emergency is with an emergency exam. Dental emergencies can be scary. Luckily, our dental team will do everything that we can to put you at ease.

An emergency exam focuses on the area where the emergency occurred with the goal of addressing, diagnosing, and recommending any necessary dental treatments. Depending on the specific issue, we may be able to provide treatment during the same appointment. No matter your dental emergency, we will try our best to save your teeth and get your smile back in tip-top shape in no time.


Typically, your emergency exam will include the following:

  • X-rays and exams of the problem area
  • A personal chat with one of our qualified dentists
  • A customized treatment strategy

Some common dental emergencies that could benefit from one of our emergency exams so that you can get immediate relief from discomfort or pain, as well as long-term remedies, includes:

  • A toothache or tooth pain
  • A knocked out or loose tooth
  • A swollen face
  • A broken or chipped tooth
  • A filling or crown that’s fallen out
  • An abscessed tooth