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Occlusal Analysis


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Occlusal Analysis

Our occlusal analysis examines your bite to address any possible problems that have the potential to compromise your smile. During your occlusal analysis, your dentist simply checks to see how your teeth come in contact with each other during jaw movement. We will study your bite and your mouth’s natural movements to see if there is any damage resulting from your bite.

If anything is found during your occlusal analysis that may harm your mouth in the future, we will be able to correct now to limit or halt any permanent damage. Some treatments may include an occlusal adjustment procedure, bite guards, mouth guards, or other dental occlusal treatments. We want you to have the healthiest smile for life, and an occlusal analysis can help you achieve and maintain just that.

During your occlusal analysis, your dentist will check for the following symptoms:

  • Opposing tooth surfaces not aligning properly
  • Anything inhibiting or altering the desirable contact between teeth
  • Opposing teeth coming into contact with each other before the jaw is fully shut