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Periodontal Evaluations


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Periodontal Evaluations

Your gum health is directly related to your overall health. Luckily, we can help you protect protect both with a periodontal evaluation to check for gum (periodontal) disease. One out of two adults over the age of 30 has periodontal disease. And the scariest part is that many of those who do suffer from it, don’t even know it. That’s why it is essential for you to sit down for a periodontal evaluation with us at least once a year.

What exactly happens during a periodontal evaluation? Well, a periodontal exam involves taking six measurements around each tooth to measure the depth of the space between your tooth and gums. In addition to these measurements, we also measure any gum recession, loosening or mobility of your teeth, and if there are any visual signs of inflamed gum tissue. Periodontal evaluations are necessary to catch any stage of periodontal disease and stop it in its tracks so that you can continue living your best life.